MOO Downloads

Most of these are external links. If you find a bad link, send mail to [email protected].

If you have alternate servers, client programs or server extensions you'd like listed here, send e-mail as above.

MOO Servers
LambdaMOO v. 1.8.1 - the standard MOO server Download

MOO Server Extensions
These generally require modifying the source code to the LambdaMOO server and recompiling.
File Utilities Package (FUP) - allows you to read/write files on disk. Download
FUP version 1.9 Download

MOO Core Databases
LambdaCore Database, 12 April 1999 copy - the "standard" MOO db Download
JaysHouseMOO Core Database - an alternative to Lambda Download
enCore is primarily for educational uses
Minimal DB (this is also included with the LambdaMOO server) Download
Minimal DB Answering Machine - use when your MOO moves! README Download

MOO Database Tools
Neil Fraser's MOO database browser allows you to view an object from a raw database file (without booting up the server). Info

Platform-specific MUD Clients
tkMOO Freeware Download
Savitar Shareware $15; free 30 day trial Download
zMUD Shareware $25; free 30-day trial Download
TinyFugue is a popular Unix client, but can be compiled on most any platform. Freeware
SimpleMU Shareware $20; free 30-day trial Download
MUSHClient Shareware $20 Download
Pueblo Free Download

Platform-independent MUD Clients
Java clients are typically installed on the same machine that the MOO server is running on, and served via a web page.
Cup-O MUD (Java) Download
MOOtcan is another Java client Download
MOOzilla works only with the Mozilla web browser. can display inline HTML and hyperlinks. Download

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