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What is MOO?
From the LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual:
MOO is a network-accessible, multi-user, programmable, interactive system well-suited to the construction of text-based adventure games, conferencing systems, and other collaborative software. Its most common use, however, is as a multi-participant, low-bandwidth virtual reality.

-- Pavel Curtis

Great, but what is MOO really?
It's a server you can connect to with a client program and chat real-time with other people. It's more than just chat, though; the server's database contains a whole virtual world you can walk around in and build upon, and MOO is highly programmable.

The best way to learn is to grab a client program, find yourself a MOO and login and look around.

Where do I get a MOO client program?
Check out our downloads page.

How do I find a MOO to connect to?
Here's a somewhat recent list of MOO servers.

How do I learn about programming MOO?
Check out the programmer's manual and tutorials on the documentation page.

How do I set up my own MOO?
You'll need to download the server program and a core database. You should also read the Newbie Wizards FAQ.

Where can I talk with other MOO users/programmers/admins?
Join the MOO-talk mailing list.

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