Beginners FAQs and Tutorials

LambdaCore User's Manual
General Q&A about MOO.
Beginner's Guide to MOOing
Basic getting-started info for new MOOers. Some commands are specific to LinguaMOO.
The Cow Ate My Brain
Written by Loyd Blankenship, this tutorial for beginners talks about MOO basics -- building rooms (including exits), setting messages, adding details, creating objects, and such basic topics as verbs, properties, object oriented programming and the like.

Programmers Manual and Tutorials

LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual
Yib's Pet Rock Tutorial
a programming primer for beginners. Written by Yib on LambdaMOO.
yDuJ's Programming Tutorial
The "wind-up duck"
Colin's Way Easy MOO Programming Guide

Wizards FAQs and Tutorials

Newbie Archwiz FAQ
Anatomy of a LambdaMOO db file
In the unhappy event your database gets corrupted, this file may help you figure out how to salvage it.

Other Links

Raph Koster's Laws of Online World Design
Secrets to a really long-lived, goal-oriented, online game of wide appeal
MCP (MUD Client Protocol)
The MUD Client Protocol defines a standard message format for making use of modern client capabilities such as windowing systems, local file storage, and richer text display.
Lost Library of MOO
Links to a bunch of tutorials, research papers, and articles about MOO.
Fringe's MOO Resources
Links to MOO docco, servers, cores, and other MOO sites.

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